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Minting and Whitelist

Contract Address

This project is live on mainnet under the following contract address:

Independent Launch

Planet minting will be performed from Intergalactic Planetary's website (Website will be available closer to release).
In order to better distribute NFTs to users, Intergalactic Planetary will have a whitelisted minting phase where users must be on the whitelist in order to mint an NFT.
In order to be on the whitelist, your wallet must...
  • Have at least 5 Luna staked across BONDED validators by the snapshot deadline.
  • That's it...
If you have at least 5 Luna staked you are automatically included in the whitelist; there is no additional user interaction required.
Also, a snapshot was taken of Stader stakers on 26-11-2021, and these addresses will be included into the whitelist.
Members of the whitelist will be able to mint 1 NFT during the whitelist minting period. Once the whitelist minting period is over, any wallet can mint as many NFTs as it wants until the capacity of NFTs is hit (5,000).
Note, that the whitelist will contain more wallet addresses than there are NFTs available, so while we do not anticipate a sellout, you may want to mint as soon as possible.

What will it cost to mint?

1 LUNA = 1 Planet
$5 UST = 1 Planet

Will there be a Pre-Mint?

HODLFish Lab employees will NOT pre-mint any supply of NFTs, ensuring the entire supply, 1 - 5,000, is available at launch.
In addition, HODLFish Lab employees will NOT mint for 15 minutes after the whitelist minting opens. Admittedly, this is more of an honors system, so you can choose to believe this or not.
In other words, if you are a whitelisted address, getting early numbers near the center of the galaxy is possible (but not guaranteed).

What will you do with the unminted planets?

Open minting will stay open indefinitely. The planets will NOT be sent to the blackhole!

Additional Info

Secondary Markets

Random Earth: